For typical Australian organisations, Ezymsg is cheaper 93.34% of the time.

In fact, Ezymsg customers have saved up to $1,553.14 per month and up to 78% per month compared to equivalent platforms.

These numbers came from an analysis of 156 organisations across 12 months, giving 1,652 points of comparison. We used 2019 as the data source to review months not affected by the dramatic uncertainty of the pandemic.

How is this possible? Three simple reasons: the lure of cheap plans, the reality of EDM use for Australian companies and the illusion of savings from flat rate plans.

The Results

For the customers in our sample:
  • Campaign Monitor is up to $1,244 per month more expensive than Ezymsg
  • MailChimp is up to $1,553 per month more expensive than Ezymsg
That’s right – MailChimp, while having a reputation as being a low cost provider, actually costs the most for typical Australian organisations.

Cheap plans lure in new customers

Vision 6’s cheapest plan is $9 AUD per month. So is Campaign Monitor’s. But these plans only include basic features – real businesses need the full platform. The cheapest plans create a low reference price point, but aren’t being used by anyone other than microbusinesses. When you look at the pricing of the full featured plans, the monthly amount is significantly higher, $1,000 per month or more.

An industry secret is that they use a tiny plan with few features as bait for potential new customers – establishing the feeling of a price point, but any normal business quickly exceeds that plan size and upgrades to a more expensive plan.

The real way companies use EDMs

Analysing the way businesses actually send EDMs, there are strong seasonal trends. Almost all companies contact their customers in December. Some months almost nothing happens. So the number of times a company emails their customers each month varies from zero to maybe 3 or 4 for heavy users.

At the time of signing up for a new email marketing platform, companies have dreams of sending lots of emails each month, so the flat rate per month appears to be a bargain – but the data shows that they won’t use it.

Flat monthly pricing

Around 2010 the EDM industry moved to monthly flat pricing, based on database size. It’s easier for the email marketing platform – one amount charged per month. It appears to be cheaper for customers, except in reality it won’t be.

Flat monthly rates are priced based on the number of contacts that you have, and the features plan that you want to go on. It doesn’t cover frequency of sends per month – that’s where platforms make money.

Ezymsg is different

By combining a low access fee per month with a pay-as-you-go model, companies are better off 93.34% of the time. In a year, you might have one or two heavy months, but for the other 10 or 11 months you will have dramatic savings.

In summary, the bigger your list is, and the more variable your frequency per month, the more Ezymsg will save you.

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